About Life-Fit-Learning

LF updateLife-Fit-Learning is a fully integrated science-to-service model of care for young people. The aim of Life-Fit-Learning is to improve our understanding of the health and well-being of young people, provide them with feedback and facilitate access to evidence-based information, community resources and clinical support tailored to each young person. Life-Fit-Learning was developed by a group of researchers in the Healthy Young Minds Research Group, Menzies Health Institute of Queensland, at Griffith University. It was designed for use by both Griffith University researchers and partner organisations to advance science and service for young people.

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Young people are assessed on their health and wellbeing, relationships and support and learning and activities.


If consent has been provided by a parent or carer, an individual Reflect Report will be generated to provide feedback on the young person’s Assess Step.


Following the Reflect Step, a link to the Connect Step for Children and Teens will be provided to the young person. Young people and their parent or carer will be connected to support and resources to assist them in becoming more Life-Fit.